Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Survive Middle School

David Greenberg is scared. He is getting ready to embark on the most terrifying journey he could imagine. David is starting middle school. Why is this terrifying? Don’t you know that sixth graders get their heads flushed in toilets on their birthdays? When David’s plans to spend the summer preparing to survive middle school are ruined by his ex-best friend Elliot, he is forced to start the school year completely unprepared. Will David survive sixth grade? Will he ever realize his dream of becoming the next Jon Stewart? Once readers start this book they will not be able to stop.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Quirky! Mudshark tells the tale of one boy’s claim to fame - his uncanny ability to solve mysteries at school. Mudshark has his own detective agency and he is on the case of the missing erasers. Unfortunately he is not the only detective in town? What will happen when a Psychic Parrot shows up in the library trying to outwit Mudshark? Which detective will be up to the challenge of finding Mr. Patterson’s missing gerbil? Read Mudshark by Gary Paulsen to discover the truth.

Matisse on the Loose

Matisse (named after the artist) seems like an ordinary kid. The cool thing is he too is an artist and he loves to copy the work of the masters. When a Henri Matisse exhibit comes to the museum where his mom is in charge of security, Matisse is excited. Matisse likes to spend his afternoon painting in the exhibit rooms but then the unthinkable happens and the security system has problems. What was Matisse thinking when he replaced an original Henri Matisse with his copy and then takes the original home. Will he be able to fix this mistake? Read Matisse on the Loose to find out.

The Curse of the Romany Wolves

The Curse of the Romany Wolves is filled with adventure and danger at every turn. Penhaligon, the town apothecary, is determined to save the town by searching for a secret ingredient only found on Howling Island. To retrieve the ingredient, he and his friend Hotchi set off aboard a dangerous pirate ship only to be kidnapped by another pirate looking for a sea serpent. Along the way Penhaligon is discouraged to discover the secret ingredient may not cure the town’s youngsters. What is Penhaligon to do and why does it seem like the scary sea serpent is trying to help him. Can Penhaligon return in time to save everyone he loves?

Wild Girl

Living in Brazil is the only life Lidie has known but now that she is 12 it is time to go to New York to be with her brother and father. Luckily Lidie has a huge love of horses because her dad runs a stable at a famous race track and her brother is a jockey. New York isn’t everything she expected. She discovers that it is hard to get used to a new place, new school, and a new culture. She hasn’t seen her brother or her dad for many years and they still see her as a child. A new filly, Wild Girl, is also learning about her new life as she travels to her new home. Will Lidie be able to help Wild Girl find happiness at the stables or will Lidie’s struggles in New York continue?

Horse Diaries-#1 Koda

The early pioneers faced a hard life while traveling in wagon trains into the frontier. Everyone experienced hardships, even the animals. Then difficulties of the wagon train were especially difficult for a young horse name Koda. Koda tell us of his journey with his family into the West. While on the trail there are threats from Indians, wolves and from Mother Nature. Jasmine is Koda’s human and she takes care Koda and his mother. Along the trail Jasmine gets to watch Koda grow become a valuable member of the wagon train. This is a wonderful firsthand account of Koda’s life in 1846.

Your Life But Better

Have you ever wanted to be part of the story that you are reading? You can with Your Life But Better, a book that allows the reader to take control of the story and its ending. In this book for tweens, the reader is completely involved in the story and takes quizzes to decide which chapters to read next. Since the reader’s answers control the direction of the story, the books outcome is different for everyone. You can be a supermodel and win tickets to a fabulous birthday party or just hang out at the mall with friends. Pick up Your Life but Better and become part of the story.

Calendar Mysteries #1-January Joker

Meet Bradley, Brian, Lucy, and Nate - the younger siblings of the A to Z Mysteries gang. This new generation is solving their own mysteries in the new Calendar Mysteries series. In January Joker, the kids believe that aliens have invaded and are abducting people from the town of Green Lawn. Bradley has seen spooky lights that wake him from a sound sleep. There are strange prints in the snow and their pony suddenly disappears. Who could be causing all this trouble? Have aliens really invaded Green Lawn? Will the kids be able to solve the mystery in time?